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    Spring Cleaning for Your Yammer Feed.

    There's an easier way to clean your Yammer group and home feeds of old posts.

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Step 1

Choose group you want to sweep.

Step 2

Choose a date range for delection OR...

Delete from start of the group.


Step 3

Deleted Messages

About Feed Sweeper

Feed Sweeper is the brainchild of a company called Xelleration, a Yammer and enterprise social consulting firm. Frustrated with the lack of a native way to clean up unnecessary posts in the home and group feeds, we decided to create our own.

Our team of developers create extraordinary apps that make using Yammer easy. Looking for more awesome apps? Visit our homepage.

Got Questions? Good, because we've got answers.

Need help getting your feed squeaky clean? Take a look at some of our frequently asked questions below.

Can anyone delete a conversation with Feed Sweeper?

No, you'll need to have administrator status or higher to delete anything with Feed Sweeper. Verified Admins can delete any conversation from any group, Network Admins can delete conversations from the non-private groups, and Group Admins can only delete conversations from groups they are admins of.

Can I delete messages from an external network?

No, not at this time. Yammer's API won't allow us to perform certain functions and this is one of them. If they change their minds, you can be sure we'll update our app to reflect it.

Can I get my deleted messages back?

Nope. Once you delete your messages, there's no way we can get them back so triple check before you decide you want to delete anything.